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David Chin


I first began learning about photography while I was in middle school using an old Canon 35mm film camera shooting nothing but black and white film. Around that same time my father gave me his old Canon AE-1 and I started working in the darkroom developing prints and film. Since then I've moved on to using a Canon 7D and all I learned on film has proven invaluable, even in the age of Photoshop and memory cards.

I primarily shoot pets, portraits, sports, still life, engagements, and some street and landscape photography. Regardless of the genre, my goal is to capture expressions and tell a story. I want my photos to be more than a simple memory. I want them to come alive with the feeling and energy of the moment so that they stay with the viewer long after they have stopped looking at the image. I always have more to learn and my photography is still evolving but I always strive to make it better than the day before.